Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education


We believe that Oakland teachers are rich in wisdom and commitment and that OEA has the potential to be a powerful force in creating the schools Oakland teachers & students deserve. In order to play this role, we need AN INSPIRED & ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP and STRONG ALLIANCES WITH STUDENTS, PARENTS, SCHOOL WORKERS & COMMUNITY.

We can develop an inspired & active membership by:

  • reframing the debate from the “problem of teacher seniority” to the “crisis of teacher turnover”
  • supporting teachers to grow as educators and stay in Oakland through strong internal (and confidential!) mentorship and peer-to-peer coaching programs
  • supporting all members’ ability to participate in OEA through timely notice, child care and food at meetings
  • developing stronger online, timely and transparent communication between OEA leadership and members
  • democratizing selection of bargaining team. Ensure that all sectors are represented in bargaining.
  • shifting union funds towards leadership development and school site organizing
  • focusing on support and engagement of flatland schools

We can build strong alliances with students, parents, school workers and community by:

  • engaging in a positive and aggressive public relations campaign to put forth our vision for the schools teachers and students deserve
  • investing in city-wide “Schools Oakland Students Deserve” coalition with parent and student groups
  • supporting members in site outreach to forge alliances with other staff, parents, students & community
  • translating all OEA parent outreach materials into multiple languages & holding parent engagement events
  • advocating for transparent and public bargaining sessions that allow the community to observe

Doing so will transform OEA into a powerful force that can fight for:

  • A better contract for teachers and students – significantly smaller class sizes & SPED caseloads, increased prep time, fair compensation and release time for collaboration and peer to peer mentorship
  • Teachers’ rights as workers, including due process and seniority rights which allow for teacher stability and ensure students have experienced teachers in the classroom
  • Money going to school sites not upper admin & consultants – 55% (or more!) of funds to the classroom
  • Keeping public schools public & transitioning charter schools back into the public school system
  • Using well over $6 million school police budget & other misused funds to invest in student engagement and support through more counselors, restorative justice, arts, school libraries, sports & leadership programs
  • Debt relief from the State of California (that costs the district $6 million each year)
  • The resources we need to make this all possible through campaigns to bring more funding to the district (ie. community benefits agreements with developers or tax on the Port of Oakland)

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