Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education



  1. Rori Abernethy, Oakland High, Teacher and Site Rep
  2. Celina Andrade –  Special Education Teacher at Montera Middle School, Work to Rule Organizer, Member of Coalition for the Schools Oakland Students Deserve
  3. Alicia Arnold, New Highland Academy , Visual Arts Teacher, 9 years of teaching service in OUSD
  4. Bill Balderston, Retiree, CAT team, 29 years teaching experience
  5. Sarah Ben-Israel ( Ms. B)- Teach Tomorrow in Oakland and Science Teacher at Edna Brewer Middle School
  6. Tim Broderick, Special Education teacher at Oakland Tech, 16 years teaching experience
  7. Jennifer Brouhard – OEA Secretary & Glenview Elementary School Teacher
  8. Bernadette Burkett, Montera Teacher, OEA rep, Oakland resident
  9. Dave Byrd – Oakland High Music Teacher
  10. Will Chotzen-Freund, TFA Oakland ‘13 and Edna Brewer Math Teacher
  11. Matt Colley, Oakland Tech, 5 years teaching experience
  12. Scott Corwin-TFA Chicago ‘11 and Math Teacher at Edna Brewer/Math Department Chair
  13. Reanna Couts-TFA New Orleans ‘11 and Special Education Teacher at Edna Brewer Middle School
  14. Natalie Cyhanenko- School Psychologist At Edna Brewer Middle School
  15. Ms. M-L Davidson – Oakland Technical High School, 25 years teaching experience
  16. Keith Debro, Special Education teacher at Oakland Tech, 25 years teaching experience
  17. David de Leeuw, Oakland Tech Health Academy Director, 27 years teaching experience, Former OEA Bargaining Chair
  18. Caitlin Everett – Special Education Teacher at Edna Brewer Middle School
  19. Mariano Gonzalez- Special Education Teacher at Edna Brewer 20+ years teaching experience, BTSA Coach
  20. Craig Gordon, Retired OUSD teacher and current Sub Rep, taught for 24 years
  21. Carlus Harris, English Teacher, Coliseum College Prep Academy
  22. Linda Jones – Health Services Nurse at Oakland High and Edna Brewer
  23. Esther Kang – TFA Oakland ‘11 and Science Teacher Roosevelt
  24. Emily Macy – Oakland High School Social Studies Chair
  25. Natalie Mann -Oakland Tech, 18 years teaching experience
  26. Alex Mejia, MetWest High School teacher, 5 years teaching experience
  27. Jessie Muldoon – Special Education teacher and site rep at Oakland High, 18 years teaching experience, E-board member, CAT co-chair
  28. Maureen Nixon-Holtan – Oakland Tech, Science teacher and Health Academy Co-Director, 19 years teaching experience
  29. Marisol Ortiz-Melendez – TFA Oakland ‘13 and teacher at Special Education Teacher at Hoover Elementary
  30. Nick Palmquist, MetWest High School teacher
  31. Hannah Passafuime – TFA ‘12 and Special education teacher at Montera Middle School
  32. Becca Rozo-Marsh- Teacher at CCPA
  33. Edgar Sanchez – Teacher at CCPA and Site Rep
  34. Sue Scott – Joaquin Miller Elementary School, Teacher and Site Rep
  35. Amanda Seaton – Carl Munck, Teacher and Site Rep
  36. Genevieve Stevens – TFA Oakland ‘13 and Science Teacher ‘13
  37. Olivia Udovic – Teacher at Manzanita SEED and Alternate Site Rep
  38. Laura Wesley – TFA Oakland ‘11 and Spanish Teacher at Edna Brewer Middle School


Community and National  Supporters – LISTED IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER BY LAST NAME

  1. Chris Alabastro – TFA Oakland ‘12
  2. Chris Baehrend, English Teacher, Latino Youth High School, Vice President, Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff (ChiACTS), Local 4343, IFT-AFT/AFL-CIO
  3. Lita Blanc,literacy teacher, UESF building rep Moscone Elementary (SFUSD);member Educators for a Democratic Union
  4. Eileen Duffey, Philadelphia, Caucus of WE (Working Educators)/ PFT, Certified School Nurse
  5. Elora Henderson – TFA Richmond ‘12
  6. Brian Jimenez – TFA Oakland ‘12
  7. Rocket Kohles, Skyline Alum ‘07, Social Worker
  8. Nicole Lockhard – TFA Oakland ‘12
  9. Earl Marty Price – Former Oakland Teacher and Administrator (12 years), OEA Executive Board Member 1996-1999, Former Coordinator of County Schools
  10. Megan Moskop, New York City, MORE/UFT (Movement of Rank and File Educators), Middle School Special Education Teacher, UFT Delegate
  11. Shawdee Rouhafza – TFA Oakland ‘12
  12. Peter Throung – TFA Sacramento ‘12
  13. Asha Vitatoe – buildOn, Youth Development Worker at Coliseum College Prep Academy
  14. The Steering Committee of the Caucus Of Working Educators, a social justice caucus of the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers

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