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OEA Elections

Vote Classroom Struggle on the OEA Ballot for the Schools Oakland Teachers & Students Deserve

You can vote any day between May 8- 20. How to vote:
1. Search your inbox for “2015 OEA General Election – Voting Open” and click the first link in your email (the longer link.)
2. If you can’t find your ballot in your inbox, check your SPAM folder, your promotions folder, or search for Oakland Education Association.
3. If you did not receive an email ballot, go to the OEA office (272 E 12th St) to complete a paper ballot. The office is open from 3:30 to 5:00 pm every week day during the elections. Call the office at 510-763-4020 to check if someone will be at the office at other times.

The E-Board’s responsibilities are to 1) implement policies and motions voted on at Rep Council, 2) recommend policy changes to Rep Council, 3) manage OEA finances, 4) oversee that all OEA bodies follow our bylaws and standing rules, 5) ensure an active list of membership is maintained. The secretary is additionally charged with keep organized union records and supporting member communication.




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