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Newsletter #12 – Community and School Struggles Unite!

Welcome to our March 2017 edition of our Newsletter.  In this issue we cover two pressing and current topics: the fight to establish Sanctuary Schools and the struggle against budget cuts.  In the first we discuss a conference that was set up to organize around sanctuary schools.  Since the conference we have also led a workshop on fighting ICE raids and continue organizing against the Trump attacks.  In the second article, we call out the totally unnecessary budget cuts being inflicted on OUSD schools and students.  There is more than enough money to prevent these and restore a much higher level of services (although OUSD schools absolutely need new infusions of cash from the State and corporations and the wealthy).  To find the immediate source of money we need to look no further than the huge expansion in upper admin salaries under Antwan Wilson (see the graph below).  To find out more please read on in the newsletter.

dollar amount salary comparison 2013 2015

Also to get involved in either of these campaigns please reach out to us.  Comment below or email us at for either campaign.  And if you know more about how budget cuts are affecting a specific school in OUSD please fill out this Google Form so we can collect info on this.  We plan to collect and publish info on all known budget cuts to make the cuts visible and then organize to stop them from affecting schools and essential services!



CS Newsletter #12 Title Image

Click the cover image above to see the full newsletter.


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