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No to the Democrats, the Spearhead of Attacks on Public Education and Teachers Unions

Both national affiliates of the teachers unions (NEA and AFT) have endorsed Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary election.  As a result, there has been a nationwide denunciation by both NEA and AFT locals. Some Rank-and-File teachers feel that Bernie Sanders is the much better option for endorsement, and others feel that there should be no endorsement at all in a primary election.  In Classroom Struggle, we know the Democrats are a warmongering Capitalist party that caters to Wall Street and Corporations, therefore we agree with the perspective of the Class Struggle Education Workers in the UFT (NYC) and feel that teachers should abandon the Democrats and the “lesser of two evils” line altogether.  Click on this link No to Democrats for a informative  newsletter from our comrades in NY on how the two front-runners for the Democrats in 2016 have supported the corporate billionaire education “reform” movement.

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