Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education

Classroom Struggle Newsletter #6

Classroom Struggle is excited to bring the readers of this blog the sixth iteration of our newsletter. In 2012, we started publishing under the title Education for the 99% as our organization has its roots in Occupy Oakland. Those first five issues were comprised of articles that covered everything from the nation’s first Charter School District in New Orleans to critiques of Great Oakland Public  School’s shameful endorsing of anything and everything that pushes the privatizing agenda of  billionaires and their puppet politicians. We wrote quality articles on local, national and international issues in public education.

Fast forward to the present, with new attacks coming almost daily from the education ruling class, we know its a must we continue bringing quality reporting and analysis on all that is trending in public education.  We aspire to continue publishing this newsletter more regularly as we transition into another new year yet still facing the same old union busting privatizing tactics from D.C. Sacramento and the private sector.  Click on this link Classroom Struggle #6 to read over our latest newsletter.

Please let us know what you think. We appreciate critiques, recommendations, and all forms of feedback.

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