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Video of March for Schools Oakland Students Deserve

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On César Chávez Day, March 31, 2015, more than 1000 teachers, students, parents, and community supporters gathered at San Antonio Park and marched for Schools Oakland Students Deserve.  The march was initiated by the Oakland Education Association and was organized by a coalition of community supporters, parents, students, and OEA members, including activists in work-to-rule schools, OEA’s Special Education Caucus, and Classroom Struggle.

These were the demands of the March for Schools Oakland Students Deserve:

  • Better Contract for Students and Teachers!

Class size and pay matter. Helping the teachers helps the students.

  • Keep Public Schools Public!

Education is a civil right. Keeping it public guarantees it for EVERY student.

  • Hard Caps for Special Education!

Special Education students deserve high quality education & individualized attention.

  • Money for School Sites Not Upper Admin!

Send funding to school sites–more teachers, aides, counselors, staff, and supplies.

  • Counselors Not Cops!

Despite the fact that our district has a commitment to restorative justice practices, the new superintendent plans to more than double the police department.

SOSD march image_video post

Following this successful event,  Classroom Struggle sent out this message thanking all participants:

Thank you to everyone who came out today and everyone who supported making this march possible.

This is just the beginning. We look forward to continuing to build this movement together!

“Like” the Schools Oakland Students Deserve to stay in touch with the growing coalition.

Here are some photos and videos from today. Please share!!!

And check out the facebook page to see pictures posted there.

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