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OUSD Says OEA Must Compromise More — Really?

Here are two concise visual overviews of compromises made by OEA and OUSD during the current bargaining process.


bargaining-overall-Feb 2015 pic

Click the image or here for a one-page overview of bargaining on class size, special ed hard caps, and compensation.

bargaining-sped-Feb 2015 pic

And click the image or here for more detailed view of bargaining on special ed hard caps.

These graphics are NOT official OEA documents or representations, but they are based entirely on information provided in OEA’s bargaining updates throughout the process beginning in September 2013.

After looking these summaries over, consider the claim by OUSD (or anyone else) who says that OEA must compromise more. Does it look like that to you?

OEA has compromised far more than the district has since bargaining began in October 2013. It’s time for the district to bargain in good faith. Any further compromises by OEA lowers the chances that members will approve any tentative agreement that may result. That is why OEA’s Rep Council passed a motion on Feb. 2 urging “that OEA’s Bargaining Team make no further counteroffers weakening our demands on class size and caseload limits, and that OEA file an Unfair Labor Practice complaint as soon as possible, unless the district withdraws its regressive Article 12 proposals at the next bargaining session. ” The motion is not a directive, but strengthens our Bargaining Team’s hand in demanding that the district bargain in good faith.

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