Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education

News & Chants from OEA Contract Campaign & Anti-Privatization Organizing

New Highland parent teacher meeting to organize work to rule!

Oakland teachers, students & parents have continued strong organizing to fight the proposed privatization of the 5 schools and for a just contract and bottom-up school transformation! See below for the chant sheet from the last rally and news and resources about organizing work to rule actions.

1. News & Resources about Work to Rule-

2. Check out OEA’s facebook page for photos from recent actions 

 3. Chants for 5 school and contract actions

DOWNLOAD HERE: Chant sheet for Wednesday action – Google Drive (1)

Fremont representing at Board meeting


Compliant teachers (alt: students) are what they want! An Oakland movement is what they’ve got!

Not the District! Not the State! School communities should decide their Fate!

Exploitation ain’t the way, Oakland teachers deserve fair pay!

When I say charters, you say no more! Call: Charters – Response: No More!

Its bullshit! Get off it! Oakland schools are not for Profit!

When I say union (alt: students), you say power! Call: Union (alt: Student) – Response:  Power!

Call: 1,2,3,4 – Response: In smaller classes kids learn more – Call: 5, 6, 7, 8 – Response: Give teachers a pay raise

Call: What do we want? Response: Fair Contract! (alt: Smaller classes) – Call: When do we want it? – Response: NOW!

The people united will never be defeated. The students united will never be defeated. The teachers united will never be defeated. The parents united will never be defeated.

Call: Who’s Schools? Response: Our Schools! – Call: What kind of schools? – Response: Public schools!

Call: Public schools Response: Now – Call: Public schools – Response: Tomorrow – Call: Public schools – Response: Forever!

Rise up, rise up, rise up
 Rise up my people rise up
(2x) – Rise up, rise up, rise up – Rise up, Oakland rise up

Call: Hey Hey Ho Ho – Response: Charter schools (alt: Privatization) have got to go

Down Down with Privatization! Up Up with Teacher/Student led Transformation!

Antwan Wilson, there’s no excuses For staff and student abuses

Our public schools are under attack! What do we do? Response: FIGHT BACK!!!

One! We are the teachers! Two! A little bit louder Three! We want equity for our students!

Stop your experimenting! Want change? Start investing!

We gotta get up, get up, get down Gonna rise up, rise up for the town

Ain’t no power, like the power of the students, Coz the power of the students don’t stop! Say What?

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