Strategy and Analysis to Defend and Transform Public Education

Our Contract = a Social Justice Document


What is the future of collective bargaining? According to the Saint Paul Federation of Teachers, “our contract…[is] the most important legal document – and social justice document – for ensuring a quality education for our students.” To push back against “management prerogatives”, SPFT has been explicit in placing teachers’ compensation as the last issue they address. Instead, they are working closely with parents and community members to fight in 7 key areas outside of “conventional” bargaining: 1) Educating the whole child, 2) Family Engagement, 3) Smaller classes, 4) Teaching, not testing, 5) Culturally relevant education, 6) High-quality professional development, and 7) Access to preschool. In so doing, SPFT is moving collective bargaining forward as a space both to fight for teachers’ working conditions and advance the interests of students, parents, and the community. Our struggles are tied.  

What can we learn from Saint Paul? For more information, read here!

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