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Call Out by Parents to Protest at Board Meeting Wednesday

Who represents Oakland schools?

We do – parents, teachers, students, school workers

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Mass protest by parents, teachers, and students last May 22.

On Wednesday, Dec 11, OUSD’s School Board will be discussing how millions of dollars are going to be used this year and how the entire district budget will be divided over the following year.

Parents, teachers, students, and school workers are organizing all over Oakland to demand transparency and democratic decision-making in determining how these district funds should be spent.

At a meeting in an east Oakland school last Friday, parents expressed their frustration with Oakland’s unaccountable school board:

They don’t understand the realities in our schools

            It’s ridiculous because the money is there

             Is there any teacher in this school who has been here for more than ten years?

            What the teachers want is the same as what we [the parents] want

According to these parents, OUSD’s decision on Wednesday represents both an equity and quality of education issue.

For them, the reality is clear – the money is there. What we need to do is take power in order to take control over its immediate and equitable distribution.

Come join us this Wednesday, Dec 11, at 5:30pm at La Escuelita Elementary School– let’s make our voices heard!

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