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Stand in Solidarity with Mexican Teachers!

Stand in Solidarity with

Mexican Teachers!

 Teachers throughout Mexico – from Oaxaca, Guerrero, to Mexico City – have been hitting the streets in opposition to a set of “reforms” imposed by the Mexican government, under the leadership of newly elected president Enrique Pena-Nieto. 

These “reforms” include:  increasing the amount of standardized tests, decrease in the power of the teacher’s union (SNTE) in controlling hiring practices, provide more power for administrators and bosses throughout the Mexican public education system, and an attempt by the government to force more of the costs of schools on to parents through a measure promoting decentralized budgeting under the guise of “school autonomy.”

These are the same “reforms” that we’re facing here in the US – from No Child Left Behind to Race to the Top.  We need to learn from our counterparts in Mexico, and support their efforts.

 Let’s gather together at the Mexican Consulate in San Francisco, this Wednesday June 5th, to educate ourselves and take on simple tasks we can take to support the teachers in Mexico fighting for quality education for students, parents, and teachers.  We will have informational flyers and sign making materials. 

Come through!

Wednesday, June 5th @ 5pm

532 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94105

Contact us for more info:

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