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DEMAND NOT ONE CUT! Rally at School Board Wed & March 18 forum

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How we see it…

We know that the district has gotten infusions of money, some of which we’ve fought for like Prop 30 and Measure J.  We know there is money in the reserve budget. We know consultants get paid out millions every year. But yet, the district is still claiming empty pockets.  They’re trying to hide political moves – to close schools, eliminate adult education, shift funding to charters and private contractors, de-prioritize Special Ed students – through moving numbers around.

In just two years, the administration has mismanaged millions of our dollars.  First, they lost $7 million of QEIA grants because they failed to keep class sizes low enough.  Then, they said an accounting error in Special Ed forced them to make cuts of $8 million.  Now, they have a new accounting error of $7.6 million.  This is unacceptable! Whatever their excuse, the effects are the same: cuts to our kids.

For years they have continued to cut from classrooms, students, parents and community but at no point have cut their own salaries. We say enough is enough. Our kids deserve better. We demand better!

How can we win…

Special Ed was able to successfully reverse some of the cuts to their program.  Before the meeting they had organized large support at various school sites.  That was a mobilization based in our power at school sites and proved to the Board that they would not go without a fight.  The Board was forced to hear their power.

Steps to win:

1.   Unite all parents, students and teachers. Cutting Adult Ed is part of budget cuts to all OUSD schools.   Everyone will be affected so we must unite to win.

2.   We should hold meetings at our schools inviting all parents, students and teacher to get involved in helping to fight these cuts.

3.   Connect with other schools that are organizing and show up to school board meetings and other actions we can plan together.

4.     Come to the Forum on March 18th to learn more about the OUSD budget and building a movement to force the district to FULLY FUND OUR SCHOOLS! NOT ONE CUT!

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