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Oakland Parents and Teachers Are Sitting-in to Keep Neighborhood Schools Open!

At the end of this school year, the Oakland Unified School District plans to close 5 public elementary schools and hand children’s school buildings over to private charter schools and district administration offices.  Hundreds of the displaced students have been placed by the district in elementary schools that are 10 miles away, and the school district has offered no guarantee that transportation will be provided for families. In response…

We Need Your Support!!!

On June 15th, after the last day of school, Oakland parents and teachers will sit-in at Lakeview Elementary demanding that the district keep all neighborhood schools open. The district has not listened to lawsuits, pleas from parents and teachers, or protests. We know the money exists, but still they insist on closing flatland schools serving predominantly black and brown children. We say no more excuses! We’re keeping the schools open the last way left to us, by sitting-in. But we cannot do this alone. We need your support! Demand the district and the politicians give us full funding for quality education in neighborhood public schools. Join the fight for our kids’ futures!

Support the People’s School for Public Education:

  1. Show up to support the sit-in at Lakeview Elementary – 746 Grand Avenue (across from the farmer’s market, at the Grand Ave 580 exit)
    • Friday 6/15 @ 1:00pm – Community Speakout & BBQ
    • Friday 6/15 @ 4:00pm – Rally to Kick-Off Sit-In
    • Saturday 6/16 @ 2:00pm – People’s School Solidarity Rally
    • Every Night starting Friday @ 9:00– Solidarity Watch
  2. Join our work committees to organize for this action – to get involved!
  3. On Monday, the 18th, we will be starting a free, week-long social justice summer program for our kids – for more info and to enroll your child
  4. Spread the word – Tell your friends and family!

We demand:

  • Don’t Close the 5 Schools! Keep All Neighborhood Schools Open! Children’s Needs Before Administration’s!
  • Stop Attacks on Teachers and School Workers! Teacher Conditions=Student Conditions.
  • Refuse to Pay the Unjust State Debt!
  • Fully Fund Quality Public Education for All Students!

Learn more about Oakland’s school closures:

Principals of this Action:

  • This is a parent, teacher and student led action.
  • All the people sitting-in are directly affected by education injustice.
  • To support the ability of everyone to participate, we ask you to be substance free, avoid encounters with the police, maintain a peaceful environment, respect the building and grounds, and refrain from black bloc tactics.
  • Please direct all media requests to the sit-in organizers in the blue shirts.
  • Thank you adding your voice to the fight for quality public education for ALL!

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This entry was posted on June 14, 2012 by in Action & Organizing.
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