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March with us on May 1st!

Join the Occupy Oakland Education Committee Parent, Student and Teacher contingent! We’ll be meeting at San Antonio Park at 4pm.  More info below.

This May Day Stand with Oakland community and working people around the world to defend our schools

Tuesday May 1st, 4pm @ San Antonio Park

We will rally at 4pm and then be joined by the March for Dignity and Resistance. May 1st is International Workers Day. Parents are working people and schools belong to working communities. On this May Day we demand quality public education for all children in our communities. Every child needs and deserves a neighborhood school. No school closures! Keep Santa Fe, Lazear, Maxwell Park, Marshall and Lakeview Open.

2 comments on “March with us on May 1st!

  1. You are doing an excellent job standing firmly for Education of for the 99%. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend this gathering of yours in Oakland because I live in London UK. There is a saying ‘Physically absent but spiritually always with you’. Instead of that I am in position to offer you this following project/Plan we are working on at present to implement it internationally. Would you be of any help to assist us to share this good news among your fellow activists in the whole USA. Looking forward to meeting you in person sometime in the nearest future.

    30 April 2012 3:43 AM

    Words versus Actions, Actions versus Final Action.

    ‘Something that you say which means that what you do is more important than what you say.’

    Cit. “Of course the government have made all sorts of promises but as we all know, actions speak louder than words.”

    Of course students have made all sort of demands among other, demanding a free quality education as a right for every human being here on earth but as we all know, despite all of the effort and actions although saying ‘actions speak louder than words’, actions did not bring the awaited results.
    Therefore here, our invitation to the Final Action.

    Dear Fellow Students and Educators of the Second Renaissance,

    As the 2nd Renaissance gathers momentum, greater understanding of our divinely ordered universe is driving a rise in spirituality. This is mainly happening in the developed world, because people there have greater access to the Internet, and they are better able to afford new books and magazines that spread the new information and knowledge.

    Governments today are promising to create new jobs in the face of technologies that are rapidly rendering all work for hire obsolete. The young don’t want jobs, they crave meaning and fulfilment. They are already turning to new spirituality to satisfy these wants.
    Source: Spirituality Rising [52];

    For you students to win yourselves the authority of being able and capable to decide about the future, Education, its status for you and for those who will come after, a stronghold position have to established to show the world that you are matured of doing so. When the aim of this cornerstone project is established by you you will have this privilege to make Education free and free for ever.

    Plan of Action

    – organise the most spectacular and biggest international walk out of students on
    streets the world has never witnessed before – 1,8 million UK students in education +
    – coordinate, cooperate and synchronise similar action of university students in every
    mayor city all over the world
    – appoint a day and place for the event
    – sign and collect signatories supporting the project
    – (locally) organise a silent walk through the streets of London – route to be
    – plea the British Government to support this project, as it happened in the case of
    Jeremy Gilley who in 2001 has had received support from the British and Costa
    Rican Government establishing the International Day of Peace in the UN, to be
    presented to the Member States of the United Nations to amend the existing
    Resolution 55/282 for remaining 365 days
    – invite all antiwar organisations and of similar interest to participate
    – seek auxiliary assistance and supporting actions

    Source of the International Day of Peace:

    Raised Questions Why?

    1. why one day
    2. why silent march
    3. why students
    4. why international
    5. why peace project first
    6. why not NWO – new world order any more, but NOW – new organised world
    7. why and what kind of achievement

    Ad1 – one day (in duration) with demand for immediate and unconditional support –
    otherwise several days until positive answer received

    Ad2 – there is a tradition of maintaining one minute of silence in commemoration of
    those killed in recent and past battles and wars
    – to maintain total silence for the duration of the whole event in remembrance of
    all victims of all wars as happened in the world so far

    Advantage of silence –

    – respect and the greatness of the event
    – no one will dare to stand against it
    – no one able to provoke or stimulate any violent contra-reaction, recent Police
    over reaction in Quebec Canada
    – win over any kind of interruption with such unprovocative behaviour, act, conduct
    – Chinese whispers as the only way of communication in between participants
    – grin not smile in the style of Mona Lisa

    Ad3 – as in Preface
    – to show the world that while still in Education students are capable to organise and maintain life and life of others in making decisions for yourselves and generations to come
    – 1,8 million active students in higher education
    – Education. Education. Education. Slogan heard sometime ago. Empty promises. Where did you students end up with these promises? 3 times higher charge for tuition fees and some additional cuts . Still believing those who
    decide about your future?
    – undereducated nations are easier to manipulate, are easier to mislead

    Ad4 – unity in demand for free education
    – time for changes in every corner of the world
    – similarities in lifestyle, wear and peaceful environment for study in the North,
    South, West and East

    This is not a fight of the current generation of students in England only this fight concerns every student in every country all over the world. This is the final battle over your right to free education and what schools, colleges and universities are in the future. This is your firm stand, for yourselves, your siblings, your younger brothers and sisters, that will change the picture of the world forever. Let’s realise that that we all are facing the 2nd Renaissance in mankind’s history.

    Ad5 – when global peace is established this noble platform will provide a solid base
    for a new world to be created

    2 Ways to Establishment of Global Peace

    1. On the base of the existing Petition at project, following the footsteps of Jeremy Gilley we ask the British and Costa Rica governments to support our single voice in the United Nations to amend the existing Resolution 55/282 of the International Day of Peace for remaining 365 days of the year as our respond and answer to their (UN) Invitation.

    The Invitation – in §3 of the 55/282 Resolution – link to:

    Click to access resolution.pdf

    Corresponding students with their own governments to address to the four remaining Member States of the Security Council – China, France, Russian Federation, the United States and ten non – permanent members – Azerbaijan, India, South Africa, Colombia, Morocco, Togo, Germany, Pakistan, Guatemala and Portugal with the same plea for support.

    2. Address directly to the Secretary General of the UN Ban Ki Moon your concern over this very tense and dangerous situation between Israel and Iran in the Middle East, so far only verbal dispute over the existence of a nuclear capability and its use, in other words, standing on the brink of the visible possibility of the outbreak of the III WW, to use the Charter of the UN Chapter XV Article 99 where we read:

    Article 99
    “The Secretary-General may bring to the attention of the Security Council any matter which in his opinion may threaten the maintenance of international peace and security.”

    Additionally to the above use Article 100 No.2 where we read:

    100. 2
    “Each Member of the United Nations undertakes to respect the exclusively international character of the responsibilities of the Secretary-General and the staff and not to seek to influence them in the discharge of their responsibilities.”

    When you students will support the Global Peace Project putting it into realisation you will be the first one to make decisions about this newly established world order where in principle, free education takes priority over any other matter in life of everyone.

    Ad6 – NWO – New World Order has had died natural death at the end of the XX-the
    – Shuffle the letters of NWO, create a new word NOW.
    NOW stands for the NEW ORDERED WORLD so then let’s do it NOW!

    Ad7 – with one stone we will be able to kill not only two birds, idiomatically
    expressed, with one single action we will be able to solve many problems of the
    present world and forever
    – present world is divided into two groups,
    One – are those who are actively seeking solutions for wars and conflicts,
    Others – are those who join later
    – auxiliary assistance, dress code

    Happy to reach you in peace, awaiting patiently to your respond to the Plan

    In Peace Forever
    Marek Zielinski

    Call Liam Burns – National President of NUS UK on 07919323939
    Benjamin Westhead – President & Educational Officer SUARTs your student’s Representatives in charge
    alternatively link to my website:

    For those who believe;
    Matthew 24:14
    24:14 And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached throughout the whole inhabited earth as a testimony to all the nations, and then the end will come.

    Isaiah 2:4
    2:4 He will judge disputes between nations;
    he will settle cases for many peoples.
    They will beat their swords into plowshares,
    and their spears into pruning hooks.
    Nations will not take up the sword against other nations,
    and they will no longer train for war.

    And for those who do not believe yet;
    Book – “The Voice Bible” – New Bible Version Called ‘The Voice’ Removes The Words ‘Christ’, ‘Angel’ and ‘Apostle’…

    1. Peace Petition to the Secretary General Kofi Annan – 2005 – answered
    2. Letter to the Polish Government with a plea to support of Peace Petition – 2006 n/a
    3. Letter to the European Union with a recognition and support of Peace Petition –
    2007 – answered
    4. Received reply from the EU. Redirected to the Polish Government as in case of No.1
    5. Students and student organisations contacted unto date: 77 addresses.

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